Stratus Hub

Why? - We believe that when technology is integrated at the core of business practices, every company can come together in the most efficient way to optimize performance in all aspects.

How? - Leverage the best, easy-to-use technologies, the tenants of great service, and a keen understanding of the needs of your company.

What? - We implement cloud technology solutions to help you manage and grow your business.


As WPI Graduates we naturally love technology. It’s cool, it’s fascinating, and lets face it we’re nerds (not a big secret). Second, we love working with small businesses. They are the heart and soul of our economy. Their entrepreneurial spirit is a direct embodiment of what makes this country great. We want to see you succeed.

Technology is a wonderful tool to leverage in building a business. It levels the playing field. With the right technological advantages you can make a small company compete at the highest level. Technology is becoming cheaper and more accessible by the day. There is no reason why you shouldn't have the tools you need propel your business to the top.

We believe every company deserves these opportunities, and we want to help you obtain the tools you need. We are committed to your success. You can hire us for a one time project, but we'd love to foster a long-term working relationship, helping you grow and change as your business evolves.

When You succeed, so do We.