Stratus Hub is a boutique shop of Salesforce certified Administrators, Developers, and Consultants. We provide a full range of needs in one place, Administration, Development, Training, Communities, Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud. We also offer consulting for best-in-class applications that compliment Salesforce.


As consultants we function with a singular goal in mind, to ensure your company becomes better than before. Not just marginally better, but exceptionally.

That takes two things; using the best technology, and having the knowledge and skill to use them to improve your business. We want to help you with both.

Whether automating a single business process or leveraging on-demand platforms, for all of your information management, a little consulting can go a long way. With our expertise, implementation is done correctly from the start, avoiding rework and wasted resources. It’s our mission to ensure a complete turn-key solution from conception to completion. 



Salesforce. Check. Pardot. Check. Google Apps. Check. We can help you implement all those systems and more. Migrate your old data, and customize your applications specific to your business. Up and running in weeks, not months.



Give a person Salesforce and they will have a great tool. Teach a person to use Salesforce and they will have the means to grow their business. Any application is only as powerful as the people that use it. Train your employees regularly and the system will pay for itself.



Your business is unique. Your solutions need to fit your mold. Go beyond the basics with custom integrations into other systems, customer portals and communities, and fully automated processes.



Your time is valuable. Spend more time doing what you do best; running your business. Let us worry about improving and streamlining your systems. You have brilliant ideas; we make them happen.