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Tell me if you've heard this one before. You (VP of Sales) or your CEO reads a sales/business self-help book. You feel this can really have an impact on your sales and revenue, so you decide to implement some or all of the ideas you've discovered. Training happens at the sales meeting, and next quarter, the needle moves a fraction, if at all.

Now Imagine that same opportunity to increase sales and revenue with 100% more control.

Build the process into the system, using custom workflows that will prompt your salespeople to take action. For example, follow-ups that are predetermined by you, and assigned to your team.

Create custom dashboards to ensure that the new process is being followed, by everyone, no excuses. People don't respect what you don't inspect.

Generate reports that highlight the weak spots in the system. The ones that slow down your process. Monitor the speed of your pipeline not just the quantity.

Set goals based on real numbers that are visible and in real time.

Collaborate, refine, repeat as necessary.


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