Keep track of all your client interactions inside salesforce
share and listen on multiple social media platforms

Improve Your Customer Relationships

Your customers can reach you through more forms of communications than you can shake a stick at.

Why not use that to your advantage by collecting and responding on the channels they prefer?

Customers who feel that they have a voice, that you are listening, and genuinely care will be die hard loyalists of your brand. 

Implemented properly, monitoring should be simple, requests should be prioritized regardless of their source. A customer that can communicate where they're comfortable is a happy one.

When you have their attention, ask them to take part in helping you get better.

Examples of this:

  • Building a custom configuration tool to let them build their own product
  • Follow up with a survey about your product
  • Create an application that can be pre-populated with the information you already have
  • Coordinate Customer Service Efforts across Social Media Platforms

When you're ready, take the customer experience to the next level by building a community where users can discuss your product, get answers, and connect on the platform you control.


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