Streamline Your Workflow with Cirrus Insight

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The number one way to integrate Google Apps for Business and, and in our opinion, an indispensable tool.

If you've been a customer of both and Google Apps, you know that there can be a hefty amount of toggling between applications.

Logic tells us, we should read and respond to emails, then move onto another task. That's easier said than done when we require sending and retrieving information from Salesforce while that is going on.

Enter Cirrus Insight, the window to your Salesforce data that lives within your Google Apps Email browser window.

While you're in the middle of reading an email you can:

  • Create a lead
  • Create a contact
  • Edit either of those
  • View activity history
  • Log activities
  • Much more

If you don't have one of these three components, it's likely you're too busy to implement Google Apps for yourself. Let the team at Stratus Hub give you some time back in your day.


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