Spring is in the air!...at least for Salesforce. If you're like me and stuck in the Northeast, Spring can't come fast enough (60 inches of snow and counting!) In the meantime we can rejoice in Salesforce Spring '15 and think warm thoughts.

This is actually a pretty big release. And most of the newest features come straight from it's user base, with over 100 features coming straight from the idea exchange. We asked for them and Salesforce answered. 

With over 300 pages of documentation for the Spring '15 release notes, there is far too much to cover. However we have listed 8 new features that we are most excited about:

  1. Improved Search
    OK, so maybe not the sexiest feature, but you know you love fast and efficient search capabilities. When you're dealing with thousands of data records and all the different data elements therein, having a fast and efficient search makes your life easier.Improvements include:
    • Faster Indexing
    • Improved Alphanumeric Search
    • Improved Validation of the AND NOT operator
    • More Details
  2. Data Deduplication via Data.com
    Salesforce is making some Data.com functionality available to Everyone. You don't need to have Data.com to get this new feature set. With this new functionality, you'll be able to control whether or not duplicates are allowed, and create custom logic to identify what defines a duplicate based on your business rules and data entry methods. 
    • Available for Professional and above
    • Also impacts Salesforce1
    • More Details
  3. Easy import for common data sources
    Everyone keeps there data somewhere, and getting data (Accounts and Contacts) into Salesforce during implementation is usually a must, not to mention, a huge pain. Salesforce has simplified that process by creating streamlined importing from common import sources.
    • Gmail
    • Outlook
    • MailChimp
    • Xero
    • Quickbooks
    • Constant Contact
    • Act!
    • Zoho
    • Sugar CRM
    • etc...
    • More Details
  4. Salesforce1, Salesforce1, and More Salesforce1!
    With more emphasis being put on mobile functionality every which way you turn, its no surprise Salesforce is doubling down on Salesforce1. And with great results. They continue to improve and streamline the user experience and build out the feature set to mirror desktop capabilities. Some of the improvements include:
    • Data Deduplication
    • Embedded Google Map images based on address
    • Higher Quality Lead Conversion (but still in Beta)
    • Improved list views
    • Multiple Record updates bundled into one post (less cluttered)
    • Convert posts into Tasks
    • And More (40+ updates)
    • More Details
  5. Community Question to Case
    Make sure your customer's Questions get answered sufficiently and expeditiously. Now in communities you can convert Questions to cases to ensure that they are tracked, escalated, and answered. Ensuring a better customer experience. (More Details)
  6. Sales Path (New!)
    Help your Sales Reps close deals faster by defining specific sales processes and tasks for each stage of an Opportunity. Also available in Salesforce1. (More Details)
  7. Enterprise level improvements for Territory Management
    Understanding that Sales Territories can get complicated, Salesforce is introducing Territory Management 2.0. As the name entails this is only available for Enterprise and Higher. Features include:
    • View Custom Territory Management Fields in List Views and on Object Pages
    • Identify Users in Territories Assigned to an Account
    • Manually Assign a Territory to an Opportunity
    • Show Additional Territory Information on Select Account Reports
    • Show Territory Information on Opportunity Reports and List Views
    • More Details
  8. Use Macros in Case Feeds
    Case management can be kind of tedious and repetitive. To alleviate some of that repetition Salesforce has given you the ability to create Macros to perform repetitive tasks
    • Selecting an email template
    • Sending emails to customers
    • Updating Case Status
    • Etc...
    • More Details

Want to take advantage of these and other Spring '15 features? Give us a call.

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