So what is the difference between Push Notifications and Mobile Push Notifications in Salesforce? So glad you asked.

Push Notifications are visual indicators on lists and detail pages in a Salesforce console that show when a record or field has changed during a user’s session. For example, if two support agents are working on the same case and one agent changes the Priority, a push notification displays to the other agent so he or she notices the change and doesn’t duplicate the effort.

Task Push Notifications when tasks are overdue

Task Push Notifications when tasks are overdue

Mobile Push Notifications are alerts that mobile applications (Apps) send to your mobile device's home screen when you're not using the app. These alerts can consist of text, icons, and sounds, depending on the device you are using.

With the Salesforce1 Mobile App for example, push notifications are used to keep you aware of important Chatter activity without requiring you to return to the app. A setting controls whether or not you receive Chatter push notifications; however, you can't enable push notifications if they were disabled by your administrator.

To set up your phone for Salesforce1, download the App at the following locations:

iOS (Apple) App Store

Android Google Play

Developers can create additional Apps utilizing Salesforce to act much the way Chatter does, notifying the user of changes to selected fields and areas of Salesforce without returning to the Salesforce1 App. This may require a fair amount of development to set up, and would need to be done through coding in Based on your company needs however, this immediate notification could be very useful for such things as a change when has occurred to a Case, Account, Lead, etc.

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