All versions of Salesforce have a new page that was included with the Salesforce Spring '14 update called the Mobile Push Registrations Page. This page allows you to view any user's push notifications information for general troubleshooting and diagnostics, provided you have the proper privileges. To ensure that you do, speak to your Administrator and ask if you have “View Setup and Configuration” Privileges.

If you are a System Administrator, you can activate this setting under Manage User > Permission Sets.

To view a user’s device push registration information you will need to select:

Setup, click Manage Users > Users.

Select a User, and on the detail section you will find an Entry labeled ‘Mobile Push Registrations’.

Click the View link to display the information.

While this page does help greatly in troubleshooting Mobile devices, should you run into a dead end Stratus Hub would be happy to assist you.

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