Given the scale and ambition of the new Lightning Experience, and the breadth of the Salesforce Platform, it’s no surprise that Lightning wasn’t ready to go day one.

With each release comes new hope that this release will be the release the tips the scales. The one where I start using Lightning unequivocally, leave classic and don’t look back.

I wish I could say that would be this release, but I’ll kill the suspense, I think we’re still one more release from sufficient parity.

That said we’re damn close. More and more Lightning continues to add features inline with trusty old Classic.

  • Opportunity and Account Teams are now available.

  • More dashboard chart types are available (Funnel, Scatter, Combo, Cumulative line, and Table Charts).

  • You can export reports from Lightning

  • Chatter Collaboration on reports and Dashboards

  • Set Sort Order on Related Lists

  • Etc, etc

A bunch of little changes go a long way to making Lightning feel whole.

Our friends over in the development shop are working hard not only to keep moving more features over to Lightning, they’re also improving features they didn’t get quite right the first time.

  • Cleaner Chatter Stream. Less visual noise so you can focus on the things that are important, and let the rest fade into the background.

  • Enhanced Product search. Find and add products quickly with recently used products suggestions and autofill search.

  • Now you can fully customize your home page. I’m pretty excited about this one.        

  • Along a similar vein you can now fully customize every aspect of a page, not just the detail page layout, but all the various lightning components.             

  • Inline Task Editing. Straight from the timeline or inline from the task list view.        

  • Add activities or edit directly from the timeline.                    

  • And for the other Admins out there, Improved Object editing. Now directly from the page, no need to go through setup menu to get there. Huge Productivity Boost.            

Now that Summer ‘16 is here, I plan to spend a lot more time in Lightning, and force myself to stay there. See if I can get by without retreating back to Classic. I recommended last release that folks start taking a closer look at Lightning. I will reiterate that again. While it seems that most features are supported in both Lightning and Classic. I can’t imagine it’ll stay that way forever. That said, I don’t see Classic going away anytime soon.

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