In the previous post, we discussed the included salesforce duplicate matching rules and how to manage them. This process requires a user to make the decisions about merging.

In this post we’re going to talk about one of our favorite plugins for salesforce that can and will automate all of your needs with regards to deduplication.

CRM Fusion’s Demand tools is a solution which finds, matches and automatically merges duplicate records with minimal user input.

The number of methods of matching records far exceeds that which can be done using the standard duplicate matching rules. Additional features include combining rich text fields and merging leads into contacts by converting them.

Scenarios in Demand Tools are similar to duplicate matching rules within salesforce. Once they are created, they can be run on a regular bases (automated or by a user) to find and merge records in a matter of seconds.

Stratus Hub is a CRM fusion partner, and we’ve helped hundreds of organizations with Demand Tools setup. Feel free to contact us or CRM Fusion to identify the extent to which this would be useful for your organization.