We recently hit a pretty major milestone here at Stratus Hub. This post is a celebration of that milestone and in praise of a crucial piece of software.

A lengthy and complicated password is a secure one.

Best practice with almost any system, and especially with something as important as Salesforce.com, is lengthy passwords that change frequently. You can easily manage the settings for your users with password policies, but in an ever growing cloud environment, how do you keep track of all the ones that change frequently.

We recommend the use of a password manager to each organization w work with. In addition to using the best encryption, a good password manager should make password generation and auto-filling a breeze.

Enter, LastPass.

We’ve been using the enterprise version of LastPass for years, and its is a life saver. All the passwords we use for accessing Salesforce.com, HubSpot, Pardot, Google Ads and other cloud based technology is securely stored, and instantly accessed each time we visit the login page.

Imagine having 500+ credentials for one site. That’s crazy right!? Well that’s where we are today, 500 logins to various Salesforce.com instances.

Sure, most have expired by now, as projects complete, and our happy clients are achieving their goals with Salesforce.com. Still a proud moment in Stratus Hub history.

Thanks LastPass.