If you are a Salesforce Touch user, you may notice the next time you access it that the app is no longer supported by Salesforce. Salesforce1, the app you would use for your mobile phone now supports tablets as well and Touch therefore has become redundant.

With a slightly different interface to Touch, Salesforce1 may take a little time to get used to. The little learning curve is well worth the payoff of all the additional features:

  • Expanded Chatter functionality, including the ability to post links, post and vote on polls, sort your feeds, and bookmark posts. The Salesforce1 downloadable apps also include access to Salesforce Files.
  • The Chatter publisher, with a default set of publisher actions and the option to add custom actions that are suited to your business needs.
  • List views, enhanced global search, and object-specific searches.
  • The new Today feature, which helps you prepare for meetings, quickly join conference calls, and get directions to meetings.
  • Improved tasks, with different types of task lists and the ability to close and reopen tasks.
  • New in-app and push notifications.
  • The ability to integrate custom and third-party apps into the navigation menu or the publisher.

If you are wondering if there is a workaround to get back to Salesforce Touch, there does not seem to be. It looks as though we must press forward and wish the old app a fond farewell.

The next time you attempt to use Salesforce Touch, you should be prompted to download Salesforce1 (Available for iOS and Android, Windows Phone coming soon). If not, you can always go to the download page by following this link.

Salesforce1 Download -

If however you would like Stratus Hub to configure your company with the new app and assist with the transition from Salesforce Touch, we would be happy to assist you.

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